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Pavilion Voice

January 18, 2010

Your Pavilion Voice
Jan 18, 2009

The Columbia Farmers’ Market Pavilion Newsletter
Presented by
Sustainable Farms and Communities, Inc.

Today’s Quote: Real Health Care

It’s bizarre that the produce manager is more important to my children’s health than the pediatrician. ~Meryl Streep


To the bi-monthly newsletter from SF&C and your Farmers’ Market Pavilion and Education Center. This communication will help keep you up to date on events, news and activities surrounding the Pavilion Project and the efforts of SF&C. We hope you will join your community members and make your support of the pavilion known through a tax-deductible donation or pledge. The Pavilion must be built with your support! Contact us at: if you want more information about how you can help!

In The Know- Your Pavilion

Did you know that the Columbia Farmers’ Market Pavilion and Education Center will provide the opportunity for a year-round market? The 5,000 sq ft, indoor Education Center will boast a 2,000+ sq ft “great room” where market vendors will be able to sell the meat, cheese and produce that you all love year-round!! And is that fresh bread you smell? Yes it is! Just outside the back doors of the Education Center is our Pavilion Brick Oven- all fired up for a community bread bake! Yum! Maybe you will want to try the hot fresh pizzas with all market toppings being served up in minutes out of the brick oven? Your Pavilion only needs one extra thing- your donation! It’s tax deductible and it goes toward making that bread smell extra good!

What’s New
We are planning for the 2010 Taste of The Market, which has been redesigned to prevent some of the issues that arose this past summer. For example, we will be selling individual sample tickets so that we cannot over sell the amount of food. The number of tickets sold will equal the number of dishes available from all chef participants. This means if you have a ticket, there will be some food available for you. We will also be inviting many more chefs this year. Taste of the Market 2009 raised well over $30,000 and was attended by more than 3,000 people! The official date will be posted in the next edition!!!

We appreciate all of your support and suggestions. We are working on several national and local mailing campaigns for donations, and we encourage you all to bring more of your friends and family into the cause of building your Pavilion and Education Center! Last July, there were 6,700 shoppers at the market over a four hour period! Imagine if all 6,700 made a donation tomorrow!

What Can You Do?

Naturally, your Pavilion and Education Center requires every market supporter to step forward with a contribution toward making it a reality. This may be a tough time for many folks; however, the long-term benefits of establishing this center will help to minimize the effects of such fluctuations brought on by an unnatural reliance on systems that cannot be sustained. The answers can be found in building and strengthening local systems that have more in mind than a bottom line. The Pavilion is your community center and will be an engine and resource for sustainable economic development and healthy living.

Also, please remember to get all of your friends to join the Pavilion Facebook page, which can be found by searching for “farmers market pavilion” at

Feature Article

In the past year, rising fuel and food prices coupled with increased concerns about environmental impacts and safety of our food supply have prompted a number of actions by U.S. consumers regarding their food purchases. Against this backdrop of rising prices, demand for locally grown food products continues to increase…

Click Here for the full article – Real Cost of Food

Your Support is Appreciated!
Click the link below for the easiest ways to become a part of your Pavilion!

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