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Pizza Party Anyone???

February 22, 2010

The Pavilion Voice
February 22, 2009

Columbia Farmers' Market is starting in March! photo by

The Columbia Farmers’ Market Pavilion Newsletter
Presented by
Sustainable Farms and Communities, Inc.

Today’s Quote:  Today’s Word ZAAAAAA

“There’s a pizza place near where I live that sells only slices. In the back you can see a guy tossing a triangle in the air” Steven Wright


To the bi-monthly newsletter from SF&C and your Farmers’ Market Pavilion and Education Center. This communication will help keep you up to date on events, news and activities surrounding the Pavilion Project and the efforts of SF&C. We hope you will join your community members and make your support of the pavilion known through a tax-deductible donation or pledge. The Pavilion must be built with your support! Contact us at: if you want more information about how you can help!

In The Know- Fresh Pizza Anyone???

Did you know that the final design for you Columbia Farmers’ Market Pavilion and Education Center includes a large brick oven? The locally designed/built oven will have many uses including: pizza days with fresh market toppings, community bread baking and demonstrations. If you have never had a crispy, bubbly brick oven pizza cooked in 3 minutes before…you are missing out! We will be having a bring-your-own-toppings brick oven pizza party in the near future to be held at the home of the oven designer. It will be a fundraiser and social for the Pavilion. If you are interested in attending, email me at and I will put you on an invite list and let you know when a date is set! Cause it’s a brick….oven….

What’s New
The 2010 Taste of the Market will be held on Saturday August 7 starting at 6 pm. Mark your calendars now. If you want to volunteer for the evening contact our volunteer coordinator Amanda Garrison-Reed at We need team leaders to help with planning activities like selecting local bands and entertainers and getting them booked, sound system, and more. If you want to help with these specific items contact casey 823-FOOD.

FREE WEBINAR- Feb 23 for information on how to get fresh local foods into underserved communities. Check out the link to register.

We appreciate all of your support and suggestions. We are working on several national and local mailing campaigns for donations, and we encourage you all to bring more of your friends and family into the cause of building your Pavilion and Education Center!

What Can You Do?

Naturally, your Pavilion and Education Center requires every market supporter to step forward with a contribution toward making it a reality. This may be a tough time for many folks; however, the long-term benefits of establishing this center will help to minimize the effects of such fluctuations brought on by an unnatural reliance on systems that cannot be sustained. The answers can be found in building and strengthening local systems that have more in mind than a bottom line. The Pavilion is your community center and will be an engine and resource for sustainable economic development and healthy living.

Also, please remember to get all of your friends to join the Pavilion Facebook page, which can be found by searching for “farmers market pavilion” at

Feature Article

So what do we mean when we say “Sustainable Farms?”

Click here for the full article

Your Support is Appreciated!
Click the link below for the easiest ways to become a part of your Pavilion! 

The Market Season is about to begin.  We need yoru help today.  THANKS

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