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Contests, A New CSA and Healthy Benefits!

March 30, 2010

The Pavilion Voice (For Now)  March 14, 2010

The Columbia Farmers’ Market Pavilion Newsletter

Presented by Sustainable Farms and Communities, Inc.


Today’s Quote: Value Health!
So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health. A. J. Reb Materi

Do you have an hour or two to spare on a Saturday morning to help us run the SF&C booth at the Columbia Farmers’ Market? It is a blast!! We need volunteers to talk with people who stop by, help to accept donations for bags and to just have fun! Your time will play a vital role in our mission! Contact Casey at 823-3663 or if you can help!!! Hours needed are between 7:30 – 12:30 every Saturday morning.

HELP NAME THIS BLOG CONTEST! Two More Weeks! What is YOUR bright idea?
So… got any bright ideas on what we should call this Blog? Send me your suggestions and if we use your idea you will receive (drum roll): Our Gratitude (yeah so!) An interview between you and I posted in the Blog (Nice) $25 in Market Tokens! (SCORE!)

Subject: I Think I’m Clever

< 55

 A NEW CSA – Happy Hollow Farm – Boonville
Happy Hollow Farm CSA welcomes families and individuals to become members or “subscribers”.  Each membership receives a box of seasonal produce every week during the 25 week growing season (mid-May thru the end of October).  In exchange, members sign a contract for the season, agree to pay in advance, and help with some of the harvesting and distribution of the share boxes.

Liz and Katie at Happy Hollow Farm

The farmer and the consumer thus provide mutual support and share in the risks and benefits of food production.  Both partners also share in the enjoyment and rewards of small-scale farming. The goal at Happy Hollow Farm CSA is to provide the highest quality produce possible. They strive to offer the most organized, effective and fun way for the members to buy seasonally fresh food directly from a local farm.

Community-supported agriculture farms began in the early 1960s in Germany, Switzerland, and Japan as a response to concerns about food safety and the urbanization of agricultural land. Groups of consumers and farmers in Europe formed cooperative partnerships to fund farming and pay the true costs of ecologically sound and socially equitable agriculture.

A look at the farmer: Liz Graznak

  • Born & raised in Columbia Missouri. 
  • Undergrad – Coe College in Cedar Rapids Iowa, majored in Environmental Studies & German
  • Masters Degree in Plant Breeding (genetics mostly), Cornell University in Ithaca, NY  
  • Worked for The Accokeek Foundation
  • General Manager of Superior Garden Center for 6 years, left late fall 2009
  • Bought farm in November of 2007
  • Started Happy Hollow Farm Spring of 2008

< 55 is a look at local food enterprises, initiatives and the folks that make it happen. If you have an idea for our next article, let us know!

IN THE KNOW – Come inside on a hot Saturday!
Did you know that the pavilion will not only keep rain off of you while you shop, but it will also allow for many new vendors! There will be more than 100 vendors for you to enjoy! Not only that, the indoor education center will give you a place to escape the heat, use a clean bathroom or baby-changing station and you can check out whatever activity is going on indoors that Saturday. Maybe it is a canning demonstration or a cooking class using the what’s-in-season ingredient of the day!! The indoor center will be 5,000 square feet with offices, a commercial kitchen and a great room for activities. Can you see it? Well, all you need to do now is make a tax deductible donation to make it possible. We can work with on multi-year pledges.

This is your one chance to make a substantial investment in the long term health of the market and the community. Without the Pavilion the market is not guaranteed a permanent home!!! We need everyone to make a contribution and to keep giving as you can. This may take three to five years, but if each year you give an amount equal to how you value the market and the health of your community, we will make it happen!!

If you want to help or you want more information, please call Casey at 823-FOOD.


Photo Contest
Thanks to our board and committee member Peter Meng for his great idea…the contest will be called: “The Columbia Photo Eating Contest…How many photos can you eat?”

Home Grown Heirlooms Ready For Dinner

In short, it will have professional, amateur and non-juried categories and will focus on ALL aspects of local foods- the CFM, restaurants that serve local, gardens, farms, farmers, picnics with local foods, etc. There will be an entry fee for the juried categories and great prizes to the top three winners. We will have more details soon.  Would you like to be on the committee to iron out the details of the contest? Help to find prizes? Contact me! We want to have this ironed out within a few weeks.

We need to show potential major contributors that we have thousands of documented donors. Please VISIT our booth each Saturday at the market and make a donation. If you will pay with a check or please fill out a donation form, we can properly thank you AND be able to document your contribution. Please give what you can!

FACEBOOK! I dare you to get local friends to join OUR group in the next 72 hours.
JOIN the Pavilion Facebook page, which can be found by searching for “farmers market pavilion” at

FEATURE ARTICLE – Health Benefits of Fresh Foods

University scientists, federal regulators, and our mothers are all in agreement: Eating fresh, organically grown vegetables and fruits, whole grains and legumes — results in a lower risk of many types of cancers and chronic diseases, and promotes healthy aging and higher energy levels.

Click here for the full article

Your Support is Always Appreciated!  Click the link below for the easiest ways to become a part of your Pavilion










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